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Code/number DR-74
Type of vessel Draga
Year built/rebuilt 2009
Hull material Steel
Flag China
Principal particulars:
Length o.a. 97.00 m.
Beam 18.20 m.
Depth to u.d./m.d. 5.20 m.
Draught 3.50 m.
Tonnage 2517 GT / 755 NT
Classification ZC China
Deadweight cargo capacity Dredging depth 27 m.
Hold capacity 3.500 m3.
Fuel tanks 878 m3.
Fresh water tanks 200 m3.
Main engine maker/type1 x Ziyang 12V280ZD, 2500 kW, 1000rpm.
Auxiliary engines 1 x Zibo Z8170ZlZC, 3400 KW, 1000 rpm.
Shaft generatorsMotor for Cutter 1200 KW
Engine room machinery:
Pumps Discharge distance 4.5 km., diám 900 mm.
Refrigeration Machinery:
Deck machinery:
Machinery Cutter head 3270 mm. díam.
Proccessing machinery:
Inspection China
Delivery Immediate
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